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Grafana full screen "plugin"
<button id="enter-full-screen">Enter full screen</button>
#enter-full-screen {
display: block;
margin: 60px auto;
padding: 30px 70px;
background: #464545;
border: 1px solid #636363;
var container = document.querySelector('.dashboard-container');
var button = document.querySelector('#enter-full-screen');
var cursor = button;
while (cursor) {
if (cursor.className.match(/\bdash-row\b/)) {
} else {
cursor = cursor.parentNode;
var row = cursor;
button.addEventListener('click', function() { = 'inherit'; = 'none';
function launchIntoFullscreen(el) {
if (el.requestFullscreen) el.requestFullscreen();
if (el.mozRequestFullScreen) el.mozRequestFullScreen();
if (el.webkitRequestFullscreen) el.webkitRequestFullscreen();
if (el.msRequestFullscreen) el.msRequestFullscreen();
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