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Serverless Elasticsearch Curator for AWS Lambda
# Run Elasticsearch Curator from AWS Lambda.
# Edit serverless-curator.yaml to define which indices should be purged.
from __future__ import print_function
import certifi
import curator
import yaml
from curator.exceptions import NoIndices
from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch
# This is the entry point where Lambda will start execution.
def handler(event, context):
# For this function, we don't care about 'event' and 'context',
# but they need to be in the function signature anyway.
with open('serverless-curator.yaml') as config_file:
config = yaml.load(config_file)
# Create a place to track any indices that are deleted.
deleted_indices = {}
# We can define multiple Elasticsearch clusters to manage, so we'll have
# an outer loop for working through them.
for cluster_config in config:
cluster_name = cluster_config['name']
deleted_indices[cluster_name] = []
# Create a collection to the cluster. We're using mangaged clusters in
# Elastic Cloud for this example, so we can enable SSL security.
es = Elasticsearch(cluster_config['endpoint'], use_ssl=True,
verify_certs=True, ca_certs=certifi.where())
# Now we'll work through each set of time-series indices defined in
# our config for this cluster.
for index in cluster_config['indices']:
prefix = index['prefix']
print('Checking "%s" indices on %s cluster.' %
(prefix, cluster_name))
# Fetch all the index names.
index_list = curator.IndexList(es)
# Reduce the list to those that match the prefix.
index_list.filter_by_regex(kind='prefix', value=prefix)
# Reduce again, by age.
index_list.filter_by_age(source='name', direction='older',
timestring='%Y.%m.%d', unit='days',
# If nothing is left in the list, we'll get a NoIndices exception.
# That's OK.
except NoIndices:
# Record the names of any indices we removed.
lambda_response = {'deleted': deleted_indices}
return lambda_response
# Define Elasticsearch Clusters and indices here, to have them periodically
# pruned by Curator.
- name: example logging cluster
- prefix: logstash-
days: 365
- name: example metrics cluster
- prefix: metricbeat-
days: 14
- prefix: packetbeat-
days: 14
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