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@jarsen jarsen/ScoreKeeper.swift
Last active Sep 6, 2019

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example of copy constructor with default values for immutability
struct Scorekeeper {
let runningScore: Int
let climbingScore: Int
let bikingScore: Int
let swimmingScore: Int
init(runningScore: Int = 0, climbingScore: Int = 0, bikingScore: Int = 0, swimmingScore: Int = 0) {
self.runningScore = runningScore
self.climbingScore = climbingScore
self.bikingScore = bikingScore
self.swimmingScore = swimmingScore
init(scoreKeeper: Scorekeeper, runningScore: Int? = nil, climbingScore: Int? = nil, bikingScore: Int? = nil, swimmingScore: Int? = nil) {
self.runningScore = runningScore ?? scoreKeeper.runningScore
self.climbingScore = climbingScore ?? scoreKeeper.climbingScore
self.bikingScore = bikingScore ?? scoreKeeper.bikingScore
self.swimmingScore = swimmingScore ?? scoreKeeper.swimmingScore
func incrementRunningScoreBy(points: Int) -> Scorekeeper {
return Scorekeeper(scoreKeeper: self, runningScore: self.runningScore + points)

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NorakGithub commented Apr 19, 2018

This is a great idea. I have question, what would you do, says you have an array of Scorekeepers and you want to update element where runningScore equal to 10 and also the position of element after updated has to be the same as it were. I don't know how to approach this in Functional Programming way. Could you enlighten me?

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