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@jart jart/gist:3156709
Created Jul 21, 2012

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Assembly Audio Mixing
* Represents 20ms of 8khz signed linear 16-bit audio
* This is how much audio gets put in each RTP packet.
typedef int16_t frame_t[160];
* Fast mix two audio frames together on x86 and x86_64
* I take advantage of the sse2 instruction PADDSW that uses a 128-bit
* register to perform saturated addition on eight 16-bit numbers at the same
* time. I'm about two orders of a magnitude faster than c code.
static void mix160(frame_t to, const frame_t from)
const int blocks = 160 / 8;
asm volatile (
"moar: movdqu (%[to]), %%xmm0;"
" movdqu (%[from]), %%xmm1;"
" paddsw %%xmm1, %%xmm0;"
" movdqu %%xmm0, (%[to]);"
" add $16, %[to];"
" add $16, %[from];"
" dec %[blocks];"
" cmp $0, %[blocks];"
" jg moar;"
: /* no outputs */
: [to] "r"(to),
[from] "r"(from),
[blocks] "r"(blocks)
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