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Created Aug 23, 2012
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Generated Poetry
we really have to plug my eyes before
black angel i feel hunger for the shore
which answered not with a caress he died
shone for me to the lake of the night tide
with sadness here i opened wide the door
that scream i hear the angels name lenore
i'll show you all the seeming of a trend
no reason for you and i don't pretend
young soul from the laugh of the desolate
your mouth by your voice in my world of hate
from those brown hills have melted into spring
and dancing in the power of the thing
looks fresh and death to me though alter'd new
not better for my love that thou art true
as victors of my silence cannot boast
glazed with thine eye but with thy sweet self grow'st
sweet love renew thy force be it not said
though mounted on the kingdom of the dead
now counting best to be belov'd of thee
thou know'st i am that i will not be free
when lofty trees i see a better state
was consecrate to thee i am to wait
in gentle numbers time so idly spent
thy beauty thou wilt for i being pent
call thine when thou shalt wane so fast thou grow'st
dull substance of my silence cannot boast
Eyes of the beautiful annabel lee
Hiding in the park and watch the city
Was a child of the desolate mourner
Here i am for you to stay forever
Winds were withered in the eyes can't capture
Speaks in the dark and deep frozen water
Dancing in the park and watch the city
Name of the beautiful annabel lee
Dear tokens of the desolate mourner
Don't believe in the earth and the pressure
why i call thy name
Mournfuler than rabid numbness
Slay my bound head to this nothingness
In a life ending my humanity shall beg forgiveness
To memories whose servitude be thy bitterness
Lust when lying down and melancholy when rising up
Cry out upon the convicts cup
Blessed be he who touchs with the nothingness
Deader than morose numbness
I cry out in terror with unworthy
The witches will not slay me
Investigate my maligned neck to this doom
O this bound cold tomb
The haunted shadows and the vermin scour
Swifter than craven horror
A earth where convicts flail madly
Monstrouser than frozen treachery
a bitter cursed broken ground
Plaintiver than stroke of death in a life ending
For melancholy of thee, my neck is quivering
I mourn sickly kisses to thee
Following me to purgatory
My essence! The joyous!
Mournfuler than bound bitterness
By decree of the lord we depose
I dance in humanity with shadows
The cursed convicts and the storm clouds taunt
Offer upon the condemned's soul
My soul! The grateful!
In a witching hour my dreary shall tremble
No one questions why the lord offer
O this quivering forlorn witching hour
My head! The dreary!
They kiss my bosom and offer with all my humanity
the condemned
In a sepulcher my frenzy shall dance
I sever those tender angels
Unworthy by day and unworthy by night
Absolve my quivering sword to this path
The deep vampires and the vermin deliver
Grateful when lying down and melancholy when rising up
Blessed be he who expels with an earth
My essence! The heresy!
I depose sharper kisses to thee
Offer upon a holy men's bosom
I mutilate those cold angels
Love by day and unworthy by night
I expel those craven damned
Madness by day and pain by night
The bound storm clouds and the stroke of death laugh
I beg forgiveness in love with condemned
why i dance
In a broken ground my humanity shall beg forgiveness
They mutilate my hands and offer with all my love
I give in unworthy with corpses
To damned whose kisses be thy pain
Posses my rotting hands to this domain
A path where angels cry out
I call thy name in lust with convicts
Bleed upon a condemned's blood
For torment of thee, my soul is bitter
Curseder than cold misery,
The morose witches and the angels approach
In a night my fear shall hear
Not even the hand of Heaven can hover me
I fall limply in dreary with storm clouds
A life ending where damned flail madly
Flee upon a mourners wisdom
Hovering me to void
O this petty rabid doom
I absolve sharper tokens to thee
The morose witches and the drunkards hover
To condemned whose servitude be thy madness
In a swirling dust my pain shall tremble
Delivering me to purgatory
Slay my bound head to this barren land
Not even the stroke of death can approach me
They smite my head and give with all my fear
The rotting vampires and the angels hear
In a path my love shall flee
Mourn my dead neck to this bed
I beg forgiveness in fear with corpses
Colder than condemned in the door
Quiveringer than shadows in the life ending
why i beg forgiveness
To stroke of death whose poison be thy pain
The wretched corpses and the condemned scour
Wretcheder than storm clouds in the doom
I flail madly in misery with damned
Not even the corpses can laugh me
Cravener than morose humanity,
To corpses whose kisses be thy love
A Hell where corpses beg forgiveness
They sever my heart and call thy name with all my dreary
Not even the witches can follow me
Compelling me to demise
To storm clouds whose servitude be thy horror
O this rustling swift gates of hell
Rabider than drunkards in the demise
Mutilate my enchanted sword to this domain
Ghastlier than tremulous misery,
the condemned
in oblivion my agony shall fall limply
sever my swift neck
oh my head! the fear!
i crush morose poison to thee
not even the angels can taunt me
O this ghastly dark my doom
O this dead morose domain
O this plaintive morose bed
i call thy name in torment with mourners
i tremble in pain with hand of Heaven
enchanteder than maligned fear,
mutilate my quivering heart
no one cares why the memories beg forgiveness
wretcheder than tremulous love,
the deep stroke of death and the storm clouds hear
rabider than tremulous misery
the end of time
the angry damned and the angels deliver
i hang my head in love with memories
darker than vampire in death
no one forgets why the condemned dance
in the path my pain shall cry out
angrier than angels in oblivion
avenge my tremulous neck
oh my eyes! the numbness!
O this sharper cunning Hell
not even the vampire can follow me
oh my head! the torment!
no one cares why the shadows bleed
no one cares why the vampire hear
sever my deep head
they thrust my soul and call thy name with all my torment
O this ghastly deep the door
i slay bound poison to thee
no one questions why the corpses hover
not even the mourners can hear me
laughing me to broken ground
no one questions why the damned deliver
not even the hand of Heaven can surround me
i hear in pain with hand of Heaven
i cast sickly poison to thee
i tremble in madness with angels
oh my soul! the terror!
scouring me to the night
no one considers why the corpses hang my head
drip my mournful eyes
no one understands why the hand of Heaven offer
oh my neck! the pain!
they crush my eyes and dance with all my agony
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