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# Noteworthy CPU Features
SSE 128-bit vector instructions (e.g. addps
SSE4.1 Makes SSE good
SSE4.2 Makes SSE do strings and CRC32
AVX Makes SSE 256-bit (e.g. vaddps)
AVX2 Adds features to AVX
AVX-512 Makes SSE 512-bit
SHA Makes SSE do SHA1 and SHA256
FMA Fused multiply–add
CLMUL Carry-less multiplication
TSX Transactional memory instructions for threads
# Intel CPU Line
2003 P6 M SSE SSE2
2004 prescott SSE3 SSSE3 (-march=prescott)
2006 core X64 SSE4.1 (only on 45nm variety) (-march=core2)
2008 nehalem SSE4.2 VT-x VT-d (-march=nehalem)
2010 westmere CLMUL AES (-march=westmere)
2012 sandybridge AVX TXT (-march=sandybridge)
2012 ivybridge F16C MOVBE (-march=ivybridge)
2013 haswell AVX2 TSX BMI2 FMA (-march=haswell)
2014 broadwell RDSEED ADCX PREFETCHW (-march=broadwell - works on trusty gcc4.9)
2015 skylake SGX ADX MPX AVX-512[xeon-only] (-march=skylake / -march=skylake-avx512 - needs gcc7)
2018 cannonlake AVX-512 SHA (-march=cannonlake - needs clang5)
# Intel Low Power CPU Line
2013 silvermont SSE4.1 SSE4.2 VT-x (-march=silvermont)
2016 goldmont SHA (-march=goldmont - needs clang5)
# AMD CPU Line
2003 k8 SSE SSE2 (-march=k8)
2005 k8 (Venus) SSE3 (-march=k8-sse3)
2008 barcelona SSE4a?! (-march=barcelona)
2011 bulldozer SSE4.1 SSE4.2 CLMUL AVX AES FMA4?! (-march=bdver1)
2011 piledriver FMA (-march=bdver2)
2015 excavator AVX2 BMI2 MOVBE (-march=bdver4)
# Google Compute Engine Supported CPUs
2012 sandybridge 2.6gHz -march=sandybridge
2012 ivybridge 2.5gHz -march=ivybridge
2013 haswell 2.3gHz -march=haswell
2014 broadwell 2.2gHz -march=broadwell
2015 skylake 2.0gHz -march=skylake-avx512
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