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Justine Tunney jart

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jart / .screenrc
Created Oct 10, 2013
GNU Screen Bitcoin Ticker
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## GNU Screen Configuration
## Justine Tunney <>
# GNU Screen + this config allow you to:
# - Have tabs inside your terminal.
# - Have your terminal sessions persist, even if you close your ssh connection.
# This is especially great if you hop between multiple computers or simply
# don't want to lose what you're working on.
jart / mtgox.php
Created Mar 12, 2014
Some Mt.Gox Source Code
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namespace Money;
class Bitcoin {
#const BITCOIN_NODE = ''; // temporary
const BITCOIN_NODE = '';
static private $pending = array();
public static function update() {
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; Only 324 Bytes!
; Never Crashes!
; Loads in less than a second off a floppy!
; Runs on any IBM computer (even the 8086!)
; Copyright (c) 2003 Justine Tunney
; Licensed Apache 2.0
jart / dawkins.markdown
Created Jun 8, 2014
How Dawkins Got Pwnd by Mencius Moldbug (37,941 words)
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How Dawkins got pwnd

By Mencius Moldbug c. Sep 2007

Part 1

Richard Dawkins recently wrote a book called The God Delusion. You've probably heard of it.

Professor Dawkins is a great scientist and one of my favorite writers. And I have no quarrel at all with his argument. I was raised as a scientific atheist, and I've never seen the slightest reason to think otherwise. These days I prefer the word "nontheist" - for reasons which will shortly be clear - but there's no substantive difference at all. Except in the context of role-playing games, I have no interest whatsoever in gods, goddesses, angels, devils, dryads, water elementals, or any such presumed metaphysical being.

Nonetheless, it's my sad duty to inform the world that Professor Dawkins has been pwned. Perhaps you're over 30 and you're unfamiliar with this curious new word. As La Wik puts it:

jart / gist:c32796c46d5bb5b39a04
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Poetry generated by Poemy2 using comments posted to Reddit by anarchists
View gist:c32796c46d5bb5b39a04
master jart@bean:~/poemy2$ ./poemy --alsologtostderr --foot=trochaic --length=tetrameter --tries=20 --lines=200 --corpora=moonbat --dict=isle 2>/dev/null | python ~/
when the group is largely roiling, even in the war and losing
by the spanish revolution, as a way of distribution
phony claim that israel murders, please just take it for the last years
who is really important, that resulted in a different
only reason that this matters, opposition to the workers
tv has been waiting, listening to the state demanding
prices are a lot of human, here is the initiation
the position here is blaming, here's a bunch of people doing
soldiers know the whole entire, and with all of the oppressor
jart /
Last active Oct 29, 2018
Run C code in Bash
# - run c code in bash
# by justine tunney <>
# licensed mit or apache 2.0
runc() {
local bin=$(mktemp -u)
gcc -xc -o ${bin} /dev/stdin || return
chmod u+x ${bin}
${bin} "$@"
jart / ordinary.c
Created Dec 28, 2015
Perfectly Ordinary C
View ordinary.c
*//** This is perfectly ordinary C
*//** cc -std=c99 lol.c
**//* ./a.out justine 31
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
Created Mar 4, 2016
App Engine Bazel Stuff
name = "appengine_api_sdk",
artifact = "",
sha1 = "239376bdb4d57e2c2f5b61197ad11cb5eeca6b6c",
name = "appengine_api_labs",
artifact = "",
View GenTestRules.bzl
# -*- mode:python; -*-
# Copyright 2016 The Bazel Authors. All rights reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
jart /
Created Aug 11, 2016
Python GZip Benchmark
#!/usr/bin/env python
# tl;dr: compresslevel=1 is 4x faster than the default and nearly as good
# http11 jart@compy://third_party/tensorflow/tensorboard$ python ~/
# 1 5% 151ms
# 2 4% 149ms
# 3 4% 143ms
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