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Last active December 28, 2022 14:07
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Linux backup cheat sheet

Prepare (Ubuntu 22.04 Live):

sudo su
apt install pv

Dump disk (or partition) to local file

zstd < /dev/nvme0n1 | pv > laptop.img.zst

Dump disk (or partition) to compressed image over network (NAS)

zstd < /dev/nvme0n1 | pv | ssh adrien@ "cat > /volume1/Backup/laptop.img.zst"

Restore disk image from local file

zstd -dc laptop.img.zst | pv > /dev/nvme0n1

Restore disk image from NAS (untested)

ssh adrien@ "cat /volume1/Backup/laptop.img.zst" | pv | unzstd > /dev/nvme0n1
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