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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
.article {
margin: 25px;
color: #333;
font: georgia, serif;
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javascript:for(var a=document.querySelectorAll("*"),i=0,e;e=a[i];i++)"fixed"==getComputedStyle(e).position&&("static")
rm ${seqs}/*/montage*.jpg
for dir in ${seqs}/*
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var active = false;
function changeRefer(details) {
if (!active) return;
for (var i = 0; i < details.requestHeaders.length; ++i) {
if (details.requestHeaders[i].name === 'Referer') {
details.requestHeaders[i].value = '';
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body {
background: #c6c6c6;
.synesthesia {
max-width: 720px;
margin: 40px auto 0;

Spurred by recent events (, this is a quick set of jotted-down thoughts about the state of "Semantic" Versioning, and why we should be fighting the good fight against it.

For a long time in the history of software, version numbers indicated the relative progress and change in a given piece of software. A major release (1.x.x) was major, a minor release (x.1.x) was minor, and a patch release was just a small patch. You could evaluate a given piece of software by name + version, and get a feeling for how far away version 2.0.1 was from version 2.8.0.

But Semantic Versioning (henceforth, SemVer), as specified at, changes this to prioritize a mechanistic understanding of a codebase over a human one. Any "breaking" change to the software must be accompanied with a new major version number. It's alright for robots, but bad for us.

SemVer tries to compress a huge amount of information — the nature of the change, the percentage of users that wil

#!/usr/bin/env coffee
fs = require 'fs'
sh = require 'execSync'
config = JSON.parse fs.readFileSync 'package.json'
fs.renameSync 'package.json', 'package.json.real'
name = = "#{}-semver"

FIRST THINGS FIRST Resist the temptation to buy the first bike you see. Look at a few of them to get a better idea of the used bike market/options before you buy one. Bring a friend to help you stick to your guns, or to help you load your new bikes onto a truck, or as ballast in case the bike has a centerstand and you wish to inspect the front wheel. Bike-savvy friends may also notice things that you forgot to check. Make sure they also read this guide ahead of time. Bring a flashlight to aid inspection. Even in daylight. Request that the owner not have the bike warmed up when you get there, but tell him/her to make sure that the bike will start. If the owner asks why, tell them that you want to test the bike's ability to start when cold. (It's a lot easier for engines to start when pre-warmed.) You needn't follow these instructions in any particular order, or even follow them at all, but if you are going to read them, you should probably do so before you get to the seller's house. If you're new to motorcycli