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Created Oct 15, 2018
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“Why Functional Programming Matters” by John Hughes.

“The Design of a Pretty-printing Library” by John Hughes.

“Monads for functional programming” by Philip Wadler.

“Comprehending Monads” by Philip Wadler.

“Monadic Parser Combinators” by Graham Hutton.

“Tackling the Awkward Squad: monadic input/output, concurrency, exceptions, and foreign-language calls in Haskell” by Simon Peyton Jones.

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swanandp commented Oct 15, 2018

Strongly recommend Higher Order Functions for Parsing before monadic parsers.

"Monadic parsers" is, in all effect, a sequel to HOFP.

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metacritical commented Oct 16, 2018

History of FP

Why calculating is better than scheming - A critique of Abelson and Sussman.

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