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DISCORD TALK: Let's learn more about using Discord chat app from an Infosec Perspective
Let's learn more about using Discord chat app from an Infosec Perspective
After a career as a software tool developer/tester/SDET using Unix
(Bell Labs/Unix, SunOS, Solaris, HPUX, MAC OSX) and Linux (Ubuntu,
Kali), Canary has participated in the local Infosec community for
several years. Now he actively monitors a large number of Discord
servers along with sharing posts when he can.
If you would like an introduction to Discord, watch this
video from last year's DEFCON: DEFCON Discord 101:
Here are the Discord-related questions/topics for us to discuss and learn.
-1- What is the Atlanta Cybersecurity Engineer Discord Invite?
-2- Basic Discord Object Terms
-3- Atlanta Cybersecurity Engineer Discord Server Categories
-4- 12 Infosec (Hacking) Discord Servers I follow
-5- 3 of DEFCON-related Discord Servers I follow
-6- 2 Infosec Certification-related Discord Servers I follow
-7- 3 Infosec Bounty-related Discord Servers I follow
-8- All (8) OSINT Discord Servers I know of
-9- Is there a limit of the servers per account?
-10- Shortcut for moving up/down servers?
-11- How to mark all posts in a server read?
-12- How to easily move up and down servers starting on a specific server?
-13- Other Discord shortcuts?
-14- Can posts be formatted?
-15- Can you order the Discord servers on the left side of screen?
-16- When you navigate to a Discord channel, how my states can it be in?
-17- If I had a magic wand for the next Discord feature, what would it be?
-18- How do I (Canary) survive with so many Discord servers?
-19- Can I (Canary) share my list of servers?
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