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Created November 9, 2015 19:47
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A simple guide on installing the AWS cli including how to obtain an access key

AWS cli


To use the AWS and Elastic Beanstalk command line application, you need to install them using the Python package installer pip.

sudo pip install awscli awsebcli

Creating access keys

You need access keys to access our AWS resources from the commandline. By default your user account won't have any access keys. You can create them through the AWS console.

Visit the Identity and Access Management Console:

aws dashboard - iam

Next go to 'Users' tab and select your own user.

Scroll down to 'Security Credentials' and press 'Create Access Key':

aws iam - create access key

Download or copy/paste the security credentials.

Note: keep the secret key as save as a password, it gives full access to your AWS account

Configuring AWS (with the access keys)

aws configure

Enter your access key / secret and select eu-west-1 as region.

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