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Jason Wang jason-w

  • San Francisco, CA
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jason-w / gist:4973476
Created Feb 17, 2013
Convert document field type in MongoDB.
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// list of $type values:
db.person.find( { 'integer_id' : { $type : 2 } } ).forEach( function (x) {
x.integer_id = new NumberLong(x.integer_id); // convert field to Long;
jason-w / gist:4969476
Created Feb 17, 2013
Helper functions that converts a MongoEngine Document to a Python Dict so it can be easily converted to JSON.
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class Person (db.Document):
name = db.StringField(required=True)
created_date = db.ComplexDateTimeField(default=datetime.datetime.utcnow(), required=True)
def to_dict(self):
return helper.mongo_to_dict(self,[])
def mongo_to_dict(obj, exclude_fields):
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