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A Jekyll plugin to convert a .less file to .css
module Jekyll
# Compiled LESS CSS into CSS. You must specify an empty YAML front matter
# at the beginning of the file.
# .less -> .css
class LessConverter < Converter
safe true
priority :low
pygments_prefix "\n"
pygments_suffix "\n"
def setup
return if @setup
require 'less'
@setup = true
rescue LoadError
STDERR.puts 'You are missing a library required for less. Please run:'
STDERR.puts ' $ [sudo] gem install less'
raise"Missing dependency: less")
def matches(ext)
ext =~ /less/i
def output_ext(ext)
def convert(content)
rescue => e
puts "Less Exception: #{e.message}"
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ItsMeAra commented Apr 20, 2013

Thanks for this gist. I am running into an issue where the converted files are all blank and im getting this "Less Exception: uninitialized constant Less::Engine" Any idea what's causing that? Is there anything else I need to do aside from including this plugin in the plugin directory and putting empty yaml fron matter in my less files?

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KBalderson commented Jun 1, 2013

Looks like Less::Engine doesn't exist with the Less gem.

I modified this gist to use and .parse

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