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diff --git a/IPython/zmq/ b/IPython/zmq/
index a0853f7..1af9619 100755
--- a/IPython/zmq/
+++ b/IPython/zmq/
@@ -328,6 +328,7 @@ def execute_request(self, stream, ident, parent):
content = parent[u'content']
code = content[u'code']
silent = content[u'silent']
+ store_history = content.get(u'store_history', not silent)
self.log.error("Got bad msg: ")
self.log.error("%s", parent)
@@ -363,7 +364,7 @@ def execute_request(self, stream, ident, parent):
reply_content = {}
# FIXME: the shell calls the exception handler itself.
- shell.run_cell(code, store_history=not silent, silent=silent)
+ shell.run_cell(code, store_history=store_history, silent=silent)
status = u'error'
# FIXME: this code right now isn't being used yet by default,
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