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Notifies a user if they arrive at an outdated documentation page for jQuery Mobile.
// ==UserScript==
// @match*
// ==/UserScript==
// notifies user of newer version of jQuery Mobile documentation
(function versionNotifier() {
var path = window.location.pathname,
// regex for version number in url
re = /[0-9ab.]+\//,
// extract version being viewed from path
// this is the only way I could reliably find to get this
// data-url on page element is inconsistent across doc versions
docsVer = path.match(re).toString().split('/')[0],
// cache body element
body = document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0],
// create iframe to be appended to body
iframe = document.createElement('iframe');
// set the src and style attributes
// append the iframe
// when the iframe loads
iframe.onload = function() {
// get the current version off the first jqm page's data-url attr
var currentVer = iframe.contentDocument.getElementsByClassName('ui-page')[0].getAttribute('data-url').split('/')[2];
// if we're not already viewing the current version
if (currentVer !== docsVer) {
// cache the content div (where we're going to insert the message
var contentDiv = body.getElementsByClassName('ui-content')[0],
// create a div to hold our message
messageDiv = document.createElement('div'),
// create the message
message = document.createTextNode('Looks like this is an old version of the documentation. '),
// create a link
link = document.createElement('a'),
// and the link text
linkText = document.createTextNode('Go to the latest version');
// set classes to gives us a yellow notification bar
messageDiv.setAttribute('class','ui-bar ui-bar-e');
// prevent jqm from using ajax to load page
// this prevents ajax request on older versions of jqm
// set href to latest docs
// append link text to the link
// append the message and link to the message container
// insert it at the top of the content div
// and remove the iframe
else {
// if we're already on latest version of docs, just remove the iframe

jasonlcrane commented Dec 14, 2011

This is a userscript (only tested in Chrome) that adds a notification to older jQuery Mobile docs pages that you're not viewing the latest version of the docs. It's pretty hacky, but it's the only way I could figure out to do it.

The problem this hopes to solve: Do a Google search for pagecreate (for example) on You'll get results for several different versions of the jQuery Mobile docs, but frequently not the docs for the current release.

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