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@jasonlemay jasonlemay/gulpfile.js Secret
Created Jun 4, 2015

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var icons = {
name: 'icons',
type: 'icomoon',
path: './../src/main/resources/com/arcbees/gwttheo/example/client/resources/theme/fonts/icons',
header: '@def ICONS_TTF resourceUrl("iconsTtf");\n@def ICONS_EOT resourceUrl("iconsEot");\n@def ICONS_WOFF resourceUrl("iconsWoff");\n@def ICONS_SVG resourceUrl("iconsSvg");\n\n@font-face {\n font-family: \'icons\';\n src: ICONS_EOT;\n src: ICONS_WOFF format(\'woff\'),\n ICONS_TTF format(\'truetype\'),\n ICONS_SVG format(\'svg\');\n}\n\n@external \'icon*\';'
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