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Alphabet Sentences
Alphabet Sentences
A large fawn jumped quickly over white zinc boxes.
A mad boxer shot a quick, gloved jab to the jaw of his dizzy opponent.
A pox on you, jergens, old beanbag, you've squashed my favorite zwieback.
A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
A quick movement of the enemy will jeopardize six gunboats.
About sixty codfish eggs will make a quarter pound of very fizzy jelly.
Alfredo just must bring very exciting news to the plaza quickly.
All questions asked by five watch experts amazed the judge.
All thanks to St. Cyril, who wanted to invent an alphabet that took the best from the available ones.
All the words of the phonetic alphabet have been hidden in the grid below.
Alphabet charts are used to help a person communicate.
Alphabet letters, then with a user friendly computer keyboard.
Alphabet No. 2, ISO 8859-2, 1987.
Alphabet soup, which satisfies my requirements best? Students whose mother tongue has a non-roman alphabet are often slower learners at first.
An inspired calligrapher can create pages of beauty using stick ink, quill, brush, pick-axe, buzz saw, or even strawberry jam.
Anxious Paul waved back his pa from the zinc quarry just sighted.
As we explored the gulf of Zanzibar, we quickly moved closer to the jutting rocks.
Astronaut Quincy B. Zack defies gravity with six jet fuel pumps.
Back in June we delivered oxygen equipment of the same size.
Back in my quaint garden jaunty zinnias vie with flaunting phlox.
Big July earthquakes confound zany experimental vow.
Brawny gods just flocked up to quiz and vex him.
Breezily jangling $3,416,857,209 wise advertiser ambles to the bank, his exchequer amplified.
Brown jars prevented the mixture from freezing too quickly.
But I didn't even know the Greek alphabet! Geoffrey Driver, who was Professor of Semitic Philology at Oxford, argued for an essentially Egyptian origin for the North Semitic alphabet.
Crazy Fredericka bought many very exquisite opal jewels.
Dave quickly spotted the four women dozing in the jury box.
David, Jewish ex-monarch, kept big vineyard, quizzical wife.
Dumpy kibitzer jingles as exchequer overflows.
Ebenezer unexpectedly bagged two tranquil aardvarks with his jiffy vacuum cleaner.
Every exceptional zoo boasts a penguin, wolf, monky, jaguar, and the queer aardvark.
Exquisite farm wench gives body jolt to prize stinker.
Fabled reader with jaded, roving eye seized by quickened impulse to expand budget.
First they learn the alphabet which they then use to form simple words.
Five big quacking zephyrs jolt my wax bed.
Five or six big jet planes zoomed quickly by the tower.
Five wine experts jokingly quizzed sample Chablis.
For only $49, jolly housewives made "inexpensive" meals using quick-frozen vegetables.
Forsaking monastic tradition, twelve jovial friars gave up their vocation for a questionable existence on the flying trapeze.
Four women quietly gave the sixth prize back to the judge.
Fred specialized in the job of making very quaint wax toys.
Freight to me sixty dozen quart jars and twelve black pans.
Genes are a chemical alphabet held in every cell of the body.
Give yourself a Viking name, learn the runic alphabet and get a certificate signed by Chief God, Odin.
Grumpy wizards make toxic brew for the evil Queen and Jack.
Hark! Toxic jungle water vipers quietly drop on zebras for meals!
Has difficulty learning to sing or recite the alphabet.
His graceful bisque vase whizzed past my taxi--no joke!
How quickly daft jumping zebras vex.
How razorback-jumping frogs can level six piqued gymnasts!
How vexing a fumble to drop a jolly zucchini in the quicksand.
I have quickly spotted the four women dozing in the jury box.
I quickly explained that many big jobs involve few hazards.
Jack amazed a few girls by dropping the antique onyx vase!
Jack Farmer realized that big yellow quilts were expensive.
Jack quietly gave dog owners most of his prise boxers.
Jack quietly moved up front and seized the big ball of wax.
Jack typed requisitions for white moving boxes (long size).
Jack's eloquence may prove hazardous for the six big shows.
Jack's man found exactly a quarter in the woven zipper bag.
Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz.
Jacqueline was vexed by the folks who go the money prizes.
Jaded zombies acted quaintly but kept driving their oxen forward.
Jail zesty vixen who grabbed pay from quack.
James Boxwell, the banquet speaker, analyzed a few carvings.
Jay began removing six dozen black quilts with petty flaws.
Jeb quickly drove a few extra miles on the glazed pavement.
Jeff had his size to help him win quickly over Gene Baxter.
Jelly-like above the high wire, six quaking pachyderms kept the climax of the extravaganza in a dazzling state of flux.
Jim just quit and packed extra bags for Liz Owen.
Jimmy and Zack, the police explained, were last seen diving into a field of buttered quahogs.
Judge Power quickly gave six embezzlers stiff sentences.
Just keep examining every low bid quoted for zinc etchings.
Just work for improved basic techniques to maximize your typing skill.
King Alexander was just partly overcome after quizzing Diogenes in his tub.
Latin and the modern Roman alphabet were also adapted from the Phoenician alphabet ( and then from the Greek ).
Lazy movers quit hard-packing of papier-mâché jewelry boxes.
Maize quickly paid Jones for the five new taxis she bought.
Many big jackdaws quickly zipped over the fox pen.
Martin J. Hixeypozer quickly began his first word.
May Jo equal the fine record by solving six puzzles a week?
Meghan deftly picks valuable jewels--onyx, quartz.
Mix Zapf with Veljovic and get quirky Beziers.
Mr. Jock, TV quiz Ph.D., bags few lynx.
Murky haze enveloped a city as jarring quakes broke forty-six windows.
My folks proved his expert eloquence was just a big hazard.
My grandfather picks up quartz and valuable onyx jewels.
My help squeezed back in again and joined the weavers after six.
New farm hand (picking just six quinces) proves strong but lazy.
No kidding, Lorenzo called off his trip to visit Mexico City just because they told him the conquistadors were extinct.
Now is the time for all brown dogs to jump quickly over the lazy lynx.
Once he had mastered the alphabet he went straight into the Catechism.
Pack my box with five dozen jugs of liquid veneer.
Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.
Perhaps President Clinton's amazing sax skills will be judged quite favorably.
Picking just six quinces, the new farm hand proved strong but lazy.
Puzzled women bequeath jerks very exotic gifts.
Questions of a zealous nature have become by degrees petty waxen jokes.
Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.
Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim.
Quickly pack the box with five dozen modern jugs.
Quixotic Republicans vet first key zero-growth jeremiad.
Russian is written in the Cyrillic alphabet dating from around the ninth century.
Seven wildly panting fruit flies gazed anxiously at the juicy, bouncing kumquat.
Sighted people can learn the Braille alphabet from its pages.
Six big devils from Japan quickly forgot how to waltz.
Six big juicy steaks sizzled in a pan as five workmen left the quarry.
Six crazy kings vowed to abolish my quite pitiful jousts.
Six of the gunboats could be jeopardized by two quick moves.
Six of the women quietly gave back prizes to the judge.
Six women quietly got the prizes back from the five judges.
Sixty zippers were quickly picked from the woven jute bag.
Sphinx of black quartz judge my vowel.
Sympathizing would fix Quaker objectives.
The Basque M.P. loved his wife's onyx jar and zinc-lined keg.
The exodus of jazzy pigeons craved by squeamish walkers.
The five boxing wizards jump quickly.
The five boxing wizards jumped quickly.
The job of waxing linoleum frequently peeves chintzy kids.
The judge quickly gave back six prizes to the women.
The juke box music puzzled a gentle visitor from a quaint valley town.
The July sun caused a fragment of black pine wax to ooze on the velvet quilt.
The junior office clerks were quite amazed at the extra reward given by their generous employer.
The laze judge was very quick to pay tax money for the barn.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
The sex life of the woodchuck is a provocative question for most vertebrate zoology majors.
The six men have power to seize the ship quickly.
The vixen jumped quickly on her foe barking with zeal.
Their kind aunt was subject to frequent dizzy spells, thus causing much anxiety and worry.
These monks would also have taught the alphabet to the Picts using the Gaelic names of trees to express the sound of the letters.
Travelling beneath the azure sky in our jolly ox-cart, we often hit bumps quite hard.
Turgid saxophones blew over Mick's jazzy quiff.
Two hardy boxing kangaroos jet from Sydney to Zanzibar on quicksilver pinions.
Venerable Will played jazz sax until 3 o'clock in the morning before he quit.
Verbatim reports were quickly given by Jim Fox to his amazed audience.
Verily the dark ex-Jew quit Zionism, preferring the cabala.
Viewing quizzical abstracts mixed up hefty jocks.
Waltz, nymph, for quick jigs vex Bud.
We could jeopardize six of the gunboats by two quick moves.
We have cards, bookmarks and posters of the fingerspelling alphabet ( sometimes called the manual alphabet ).
We have just quoted on nine dozen boxes of gray lamp wicks.
We promptly judged antique ivory buckles for the next prize.
Weekly magazines request help for and by junior executives.
Well, they're the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, arranged in order in twenty-two sections of eight lines each.
West quickly gave Bert handsome prizes for six juicy plums.
When we go back to Juarez, Mexico, do we fly over picturesque Arizona?
While waxing parquet decks, Suez sailors vomit jauntily abaft.
Why did Max become eloquent over a zany gift like judhpurs?
Will Major Douglas be expected to take this true-false quiz very soon?
William Lex quickly caught five dozen Republicans.
William said that all of his black vinyl jacket was in quite fine condition excepting the zipper.
Wolfing kumquats, jovial Charon poled his boat lazily along the Styx.
Zany Jacques French's pub mixed watery vodka gimlets.
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