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Setting up BluePill (use the XCode 9.2 compatible release)

Copy the binary (bluepill) to /usr/local/bin

BluePill runs tests using a xctestrun binary which is built with XCode using:

xcodebuild with the build-for-testing command as below:

xcodebuild -workspace YourWorkspace.xcworkspace \
    -scheme YourJourneyTests \
    -sdk iphonesimulator \
    -destination 'platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 7,OS=11.2' \
    build-for-testing \
    | xcpretty

After it's done copy the xctestrun from DerivedData

find it with:

find ~/Library/Developer/XCode -name '*xctestrun'

copy it to the project folder for convenience

bluepill --xctestrun-path ./$xctestrun -o ./output/

Integrating BluePill with Fastlane


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