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Bewell Ergonomic Standing Desk

I struggled for a while to get my Bewell Ergonomic standing desk to remember it's height presets. Somehow I accidentally got them to work (in a fugue state?). I then promoptly forgot how I got it to work.

Assuming you recieved the same manual that I did, all you learned from it was how to assemble the desk, nothing about the controller.

TBH I now feel very dunb for not working this out sooner, but here's how.

A Quick look at this thing

Yours may have an M button instead of S.

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  • Press up / down to reach the desired height.
  • Press the S (or M) button, the display should show S- (or M-)
  • Press the preset button you want to set, quickly. If you pressed 1, the display will show S-1 (or M-1)
  • If it just shows the height/cm number try again, and make sure you press the preset button you want while S- is still shown.

That's it, you can now set all your presets and enjoy standing up/sitting down, with the desk at the right height.

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