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"osm_from_odk": {
"query": "spray_area",
"forms": [
"server": "",
"username": "msprayzambia2017",
"password": "mspray2017"
"node_name": "Structure",
"hidden_menu_items": [
"osm xml downloader",
"save to odk collect",
"osm user name"
"proximity": {
"proximity_check": true,
"proximity_radius": 25,
"max_gps_timer_delay": 30,
"gps_proximity_accuracy": 25
"user_location_tags": {
"lat_lng": {
"name": "userlatlng",
"label": "User Location"
"accuracy": {
"name": "useraccuracy",
"label": "Location Accuracy"
"distance": {
"name": "userdistance",
"label": "Distance From Structure"
"clickable_tags": false,
"admin_password": "mspray",
"location_strategy": "google_play_services"
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