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Repository redirects are coming to the GitHub API, and this functionality is now available for developers to preview. Let's try it out.

First, we need a repository that has been renamed or relocated. Since jasonrudolph/ was previously named jasonrudolph/, we can use it as our guinea pig. 🌍🐖

We'll use curl for all of our examples below, and we'll include the --location option to instruct curl to follow any redirects that it encounters.

The Present

Using the current production version of the GitHub API, when we attempt to [access the repository](

curl -H 'Accept: application/'
curl -H "Accept: application/"
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James Sugrue [asked][1], "@GitHubAPI is there a way to find the number of stars for a given repository?"


$ curl -ni "" -H 'Accept: application/vnd.github.preview'
# Search for code containing the term "_cache" in repositories owned by @jasonrudolph
curl -G -H "Accept: application/vnd.github.preview.text-match" \ --data-urlencode "q=@jasonrudolph _cache"
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# A Ruby snippet posted as a comment on
# [ activable?, persisted?, new?, suspended? ]
# =============================================
combinations = [
[ false, false, false, false ],
[ false, false, true, false ],
[ false, false, false, true ],
[ false, true, false, false ],
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# Assuming you're familiar with specifying query and sort options
# via the MongoDB console as shown here, you can specify these same
# options via the MongoHQ RESTful API using the approach shown in the
# file below.
$ mongo -u REDACTED -p
MongoDB shell version: 2.0.4
Enter password:
connecting to:
> use one-rep-max;