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Tips for submitting QA bug tickets


  • Short description of the issue – a few words up to one sentence


  • A detailed explanation of the issue, not steps to reproduce or the expected outcome – what happened

Steps to Reproduce

  • Step by Step instructions on how to reproduce the issue, not a narrative - begin with how to get the app in the state it was in just before the issue occurred

Expected Outcome

  • If there was a test case, then the expected outcome is available
  • If this was done Ad-Hoc, describe what you would have expected to occur

Actual Outcome

  • Describe what occurred and exactly what you saw – add logs, screenshots, etc…
  • Reference the wireframe or mockup layout that can backup the actual vs. expected outcome


  • Browser version
  • Breakpoint size
  • Device / Emulator

Affected Build

  • If possible, enter the Develop branch commit or build number hash that the issue was found in
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