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src/libANGLE/Platform.cpp: In function 'void ANGLEPlatformInitialize(angle::Platform*)':
src/libANGLE/Platform.cpp:25:19: warning: 'void ANGLEPlatformInitialize(angle::Platform*)' redeclared without dllimport attribute: previous dllimport ignored [-Wattributes]
src/libANGLE/Platform.cpp: At global scope:
src/libANGLE/Platform.cpp:32:19: error: function 'void ANGLEPlatformShutdown()' definition is marked dllimport
ANGLE_EXPORT void ANGLEPlatformShutdown()
src/libANGLE/Platform.cpp: In function 'void ANGLEPlatformShutdown()':
src/libANGLE/Platform.cpp:32:19: warning: 'void ANGLEPlatformShutdown()' redeclared without dllimport attribute: previous dllimport ignored [-Wattributes]
make: *** [/home/IEUser/servo/target/debug/build/angle-ee9dc8911de0d6f3/out/src/libANGLE/Platform.o] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
thread '<main>' panicked at 'assertion failed: Command::new("make").args(&["-R", "-f", "makefile.cargo",
&format!("-j{}" , env:: var ( "NUM_JOBS" ) .
unwrap (
))]).status().unwrap().success()', C:/msys64/home/IEUser/servo/.cargo\git\checkouts\angle-2bd976f992e199d6\servo\
Build completed in 704.97s
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