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Butt Dialed, and its creator, will NOT transmit your contact information or call log anywhere. It's that simple.

import base64
import uuid
import hashlib
def hash_password(password, salt=None):
if salt is None:
salt = uuid.uuid4().hex
hashed_password = hashlib.sha512(password + salt).hexdigest()
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import argparse
import logging
import datetime
import urlparse
import subprocess
View bounceserver.js
* bounceserver.js
* License: MIT (
* Author: Jason Feinstein (
* Instructions:
* 1. Install node.js:
* 2. run this file, listing the bounce addresses like so:
* node bounceserver.js http://mybounceaddress:1111/
* 3. Start sending requests to the server. They will be bounced properly!
def random_string(n_chars):
'''Generates a random string of length n_chars.
>>> random_string(5)
>>> random_string(8)
>>> random_string(32)
View googlemaps.js
var callback = function(){},
callbackName = 'gmapscallback'+(new Date()).getTime();
window[callbackName] = callback;
define(['' + callbackName], function(){
return google.maps;
View tl_trac_beautifier.user.js
// ==UserScript==
// @name TL Trac Beautifier
// @namespace
// @description Makes Trac look much better.
// @include*
// ==/UserScript==
var $;
// Add jQuery
View debouncer.js
function debounce(fn, debounceDuration){
// summary:
// Returns a debounced function that will make sure the given
// function is not triggered too much.
// fn: Function
// Function to debounce.
// debounceDuration: Number
// OPTIONAL. The amount of time in milliseconds for which we
// will debounce the function. (defaults to 100ms)
View MySingleton.js
var instance = null;
function MySingleton(){
if(instance !== null){
throw new Error("Cannot instantiate more than one MySingleton, use MySingleton.getInstance()");
View polylinefade.js
function fadeOut(line, keepAround, fadeDuration){
keepAround = keepAround || 1000;
fadeDuration = fadeDuration || 500;
var startingOpacity = line.strokeOpacity,
startTime = (new Date()).getTime();
function step(){
var currentTime = (new Date()).getTime(),
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