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Soni S (9/20/2020, 1:52:24 PM): Hi! My name is Soni. Give me a few seconds to pull up your account info
Soni S (9/20/2020, 1:52:42 PM): Hello, Jason. How can I help you today?
Jason (9/20/2020, 1:53:17 PM): Hi Soni, I want to use doordash. Someone has unfortunately seemingly used my email address already to make a doordash account. I can log into it as Im the rightful owner of that email address.
Jason (9/20/2020, 1:53:37 PM): this has given me access to their address, the ability to use their credit card... etc etc. This is obviously a bad thing...
Jason (9/20/2020, 1:53:57 PM): Further I can't make a doordash account because well... I can't delete this existing one because its not tied ot my phone number
Jason (9/20/2020, 1:54:08 PM): so what do we do here?
Soni S (9/20/2020, 1:55:39 PM): Jason, could you please help me with the email address and phone number associated with the DoorDash account?
Jason (9/20/2020, 1:56:20 PM): <REDACTED> and I have no idea what phone number this person used. They used my email address however. I was trying to make my own account when I realized one already existed using my email.
Jason (9/20/2020, 1:56:54 PM): oh wait
Jason (9/20/2020, 1:56:57 PM): <REDACTED>
Jason (9/20/2020, 1:57:01 PM): its in the account settings
Jason (9/20/2020, 1:57:02 PM): lol
Jason (9/20/2020, 1:57:30 PM): guys... this is a pretty big leak of someone elses personal info...
Soni S (9/20/2020, 1:58:34 PM): Jason, I'd like to apologize for the inconvenience.
Soni S (9/20/2020, 1:58:51 PM): I understand how frustrating it can be when things like this happen.
Soni S (9/20/2020, 1:58:59 PM): Please give me a second to gather more information so I can best assist you.
Soni S (9/20/2020, 2:00:03 PM): For the confirmation. Do you have a DoorDash account?
Jason (9/20/2020, 2:00:30 PM): Well, I mean that depends on your definition of "having a door dash account"
Jason (9/20/2020, 2:00:35 PM): I mean there is one registered to my email
Jason (9/20/2020, 2:00:38 PM): Im logged into it
Jason (9/20/2020, 2:00:41 PM): I can see all the details
Jason (9/20/2020, 2:00:46 PM): but I didn't make it
Jason (9/20/2020, 2:00:48 PM): someone else did
Jason (9/20/2020, 2:01:00 PM): all I did was hit "sign in with google" and sign in with my email address
Jason (9/20/2020, 2:01:18 PM): (then change the password because holy shit what a security issue)
Soni S (9/20/2020, 2:01:34 PM): Okay, thank you?
Soni S (9/20/2020, 2:02:48 PM): I will escalate this issue to the relevant team.
Jason (9/20/2020, 2:02:55 PM): good call! :)
Soni S (9/20/2020, 2:04:12 PM): We'll get back to you once the issue gets resolved.
Jason (9/20/2020, 2:04:34 PM): here?
Soni S (9/20/2020, 2:05:22 PM): Yes
Jason (9/20/2020, 2:05:28 PM): kk, i'll be waiting :)
Soni S (9/20/2020, 2:05:34 PM): Great
Soni S (9/20/2020, 2:05:41 PM): I appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter.
Soni S (9/20/2020, 2:08:41 PM): Because I haven’t heard from you in some time, I am going to close our chat. Please feel free to contact us again if you need support. For self-service options, you can also visit us at
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