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Ruby bash script to download and upload gem from one Gemfury account to another


  • Make sure we have gemfury accounts username and api access tokens
  • Install these gems gem install gemfury gem install httparty

To use this script:

./gemfury_script.rb username1 username2

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'httparty'
source_username = ARGV[0]
source_api_token = ARGV[1]
source_http_download_url = "{source_username}/download"
target_username = ARGV[2]
target_api_token = ARGV[3]
packages = %x[ fury list --as #{source_username} --api-token=#{source_api_token} ]
packages = packages.gsub("*** GEMFURY PACKAGES ***","").gsub(/\s\(\d.\d\)/,'').split("\n").reject!(&:empty?)
packages.each do |pkg|
pkg_name = pkg.gsub(/\s\((\d.\d.\d|\d.\d\|\d){,2}\)/,'')
versions = %x(fury versions #{pkg_name} --as #{source_username} --api-token=#{source_api_token})
versions = versions.split("\n").reject!(&:empty?)
if versions.length > 0
versions = versions.drop(1)
versions.each do |version|"/tmp/mygems/#{pkg_name}-#{version}.gem", "wb+") do |f|
f.write HTTParty.get(source_http_download_url + "/#{pkg_name}-#{version}/", basic_auth: {username: source_api_token })
# upload all downloaded gems to new gemfury server
%x[ echo 'Y' | fury migrate /tmp/mygems --as #{target_username} --api-token=#{target_api_token} ]
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