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Created April 26, 2020 06:28
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Flood Element Execution Script (repository:
const winston = require('./helpers/winston');
const fileCleanup = require("./helpers/file-helper");
const testHelpers = require("./helpers/element-test-helper");
//remove all old results and logs`--- Cleaning up all old files ---`);
// register tests to run
const floodTests = [
];"--- Starting Flood Element tests ---");
// run tests
//log results
.then(testResults => {
return testResults;
.then(async testResults => {
await testHelpers.delay(1000);
const testsPassedSuccessfully = testResults.every(test => test.successful === true)
testsPassedSuccessfully ?`All tests passed successfully!`) :`One/All tests passed failed!`);"--- Completed Flood Element tests ---");
testsPassedSuccessfully ? process.exit(0) : process.exit(1);
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