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Created October 28, 2017 23:36
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Ideas for Chrome
1. Add a common code cache. Save parsed js libraries locally; also other resources.
Detail: Chrome should detect common subresource requests and satisfy them with local copies. This puts (good) pressure on devs to
*stop bundling code*. I'd like to see a special page in chrome (e.g. chrome://codecache) that lists out all the
subresources I currently have. Ideally, the JS resources would be stored in a clonable pre-parsed state, and optionally
make them immutable. The same could be applied to CSS, images, and fonts. Over time my Chrome instance would accrete a
list of resources, and get faster and faster. Combine with subresource integrity, or implement more losely (does it really
matter what version of jQuery this site needs? Probably not.) Another nice feature of this is we'd be able to use the
unminified code without a performance hit improving idea- and technique-sharing. The tradeoff is risk of breakage.
This can be prototyped with a browser extension.
2. Build and maintain a comprehensive webdev taxonomy resource.
Detail: I worry that new people coming into web dev will be overwhelmed with options. Noobs need a solid resource describing the
various ways in which webdev problem can be broken down, and where concrete packages fit within any given causal chain
from developer brain to browser-user brain. In partcular, I'd like to see this as a single visualization which
can be elided depending on your experience level, and if you are advanced, how *you* prefer to breakdown the
webdev causal chain.
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