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Protractor API Cheatsheet

Protractor API

Note: Most commands return promises, so you only resolve their values through using jasmine expect API or using .then(function()) structure

Based on this post: by @crystoll

Control browser

browser.get('yoururl'); // Load address, can also use '#yourpage'



browser.sleep(10000); // if your test is outrunning the browser

browser.waitForAngular(); // if your test is outrunning the browser

browser.getLocationAbsUrl() // get the current address

browser.ignoreSynchronization = true; // If true, Protractor will not attempt to synchronize with the page before performing actions


Here's a trick how to wait for something to become present/visible:

browser.wait(function() {
   return element('create')).isPresent();
}, 5000);

Check visibility

element('create')).isPresent() // Be careful with this: element is often present while it's not displayed...

element('create')).isEnabled() //Enabled/disabled, as in ng-disabled...

element('create')).isDisplayed() //Is element currently visible/displayed?

Find an element by id, model, binding, ...



element(by.model('')) // refers to ng-model directive

element(by.binding('person.concatName')); // refers to ng-bind directive


element (by.input( 'username' ));

element (by.input( 'username' )).clear();






var dog = element(by.cssContainingText('.pet', 'Dog'));

var allOptions = element.all(by.options('c c in colors')); //When ng-options is used with selectbox

Find collection of elements by css, repeater, xpath..

var list = element.all(by.css('.items));

var list2 = element.all(by.repeater('personhome.results'));

var list3 = element.all(by.xpath('//div






Send keystrokes, clear





Position and size, also how to deal with promises:

element('item1')).getLocation().then(function(location) {
  var x = location.x;
  var y = location.y;

element('item1')).getSize().then(function(size) {
  var width = size.width;
  var height = size.height;

Jasmine Matchers

to(N­ot)­Be( null | true | false )
to(N­ot)­Equ­al( value )
to(N­ot)­Mat­ch( regex | string )
to(N­ot)­Con­tain( string )
toBe­Les­sTh­an( number )
toBe­Gre­ate­rTh­an( number )
toBe­Clo­seTo( number, precision )
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element('user_name').sendKeys("user1"); Needs to be changed to element('user_name')).sendKeys("user1"); Missed a parenthesis.

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