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Last active April 25, 2023 02:42
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What would you like to do?

The problem

There is a client who has a CSV like this one updated daily with new data (1.2Gb of new data each update). They want to expose an API like this:


  "trip_count": 123456,
  "pickup_locations": [148, 114,...]

being trip_count the number of trips for month=0 (January) and pickup_locations the different PULocationID (no repeated values) for that month.

It must support 1000QPS with response time: p99 under 100ms and max response time under 1 second.

The test

Write a document explaining how you would solve the problem to someone with development skills. You don't need to implement it.


  • You can't mention any tech provider (AWS, Google...) or any related technology.
  • One page limit, about 700 words, in English. You don't need to be Shakespeare (I'm currently working for this company and this is my real english level)
  • This problem is open on purpose, make all the decisions you want.
  • Ask anything you want to ( We recommend you to prepare a set of questions before start.
  • It'd be nice if you could share the writeup with us using a platform where we can leave comments (Google docs for example)

What we value, in order of importance

  • All the questions you ask and in general the comunication during the test. This is what this "tech" test is about, this is how we work.
  • Clarity.
  • Technical approach.


  • Explain how it'd work if the CSV is updated every 60 seconds.
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