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Last active Apr 30, 2020
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ggalmazor commented Feb 28, 2018

Por si sirve de algo, en mi máquina Debian Buster, mi Docker dice que es la versión Docker version 17.12.1-ce, build 7390fc6 y he podido lanzar el contenedor correctamente

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wmelon84 commented Feb 28, 2018

Arreglado en la última versión estable, no?

Docker Community Edition 17.12.0-ce-mac55 2018-02-27 (Stable)
Bug fixes and minor changes
Revert the default disk format to qcow2 for users running macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). There are confirmed reports of file corruption using the raw format which uses sparse files on APFS. Note this change only takes effect after a reset to factory defaults (from the Whale menu -> Preferences -> Reset). Related to docker/for-mac#2625

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