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Javier Torres javitonino

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Build the following and make it run as fast as you possibly can using Python 3 (vanilla). The faster it runs, the more you will impress us!

Your program should:

  1. Download this 2.2GB file: (keep in mind, the file could get much bigger in the future)
  2. Count the lines in the file
  3. Calculate the average value of the tip_amount field.

All of that in the most efficient way you can come up with.

View madrid.json
"name": "El Rastro",
"opening_hours": {
"mo": [],
"tu": [],
"we": [],
"th": [],
"fr": [],
"sa": [],


a GETMETADATA (Calendar Contacts) /shared/vendor/kolab/folder-type
* METADATA Calendar (/shared/vendor/kolab/folder-type "event")
* METADATA Contacts (/shared/vendor/kolab/folder-type "contact")
a OK Completed

b GETMETADATA (Calendar Contacts) (/shared/vendor/kolab/folder-type /shared/vendor/kolab/color)