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Last active January 10, 2023 19:45
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Proposal for lightning talk at Reactive Conf 2016

Please star ⭐️ the gist to help! This is a proposal for a ⚡️ talk at Reactive Conference.

Styling Components in React Toolbox 2

I wrote react-toolbox and presented it almost a year ago in lighning talk at Reactive Conf 2015 in Bratislava. At first it was just a proof of concept of a component library styled with CSS Modules and SASS. Now the project has grown quite a bit, and during this year there has been tons of changes and lessons learned.

Theming and customization is one of the most difficult and interesting problems to solve. For the first version we needed a custom Webpack loader to generate themes and doing simple style overrides was very painful. Today I'm working on a new playground that will allow you try CSS Modules live, and to create React Toolbox themes on the fly. I'm very excited about it 🙊!

I would 💖 to present it at a lightning talk ⚡️ at Reactive 2016 along with what I've learned about styling components in React (which is a lot!).

Please, star this gist if you want to make it possible, I hope to meet you in Bratislava! 🙌

Javi Velasco

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jjballano commented Aug 26, 2016

"I wrote react-toolbox" sends to a Github 404 page ;)

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Fixed @jjballano, thank you!! :)

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"Reactive Conference" also gives a 404 error.

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Fixed @brunogarcia thanks!

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I'm no fan of CSS Modules, but maybe you can prove me wrong. Starred as well.

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