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Last active Apr 22, 2016
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Python, pip, virtualenv on Windows

  1. Download Python -- please use this version!

THIS IS IMPORTANT Choose "Python 3.4.4 - Download Windows x86-64 MSI installer", specifically that one.

  1. Install it with default options
  2. After installing, open Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings
  3. Click Environment Variables
  4. In the list on the bottom, choose Path and click Edit
  5. On Windows 7 and 8, add this to the end of the string:

On Windows 10, press New and type C:\Python34

  1. Press Ok on all the dialog windows
  2. Open up a new command prompt window. It must be a new window, no recycling here!
  3. Type py -m pip. Some text should flash by. If not, ask Jonathan to diagnose.
  4. Type py -m pip install virtualenv

Done! Ready to continue with Prince's tutorial

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