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Last active Feb 13, 2019

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Iterate all AWS ECS task families and identify any tasks with a 'privileged' container flag set
#!/usr/bin/env python
import boto3
import pprint
import sys
# to support AWS profiles, just change the profile name here. Be sure you've set the region in that profile config
devSession = boto3.session.Session(profile_name='default')
client = devSession.client('ecs')
paginator = client.get_paginator('list_task_definition_families')
pages = paginator.paginate(
for page in pages:
for family in page['families']:
response = client.describe_task_definition(
for containerDef in response['taskDefinition']['containerDefinitions']:
if 'privileged' in containerDef:
print "PRIVILEGED: {}; {} => {}".format(containerDef['privileged'], latestTaskFamily, containerDef['name'])

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jaxley commented Feb 12, 2019

If you have your AWS credentials set up in ~/.aws/credentials, then this script will iterate all of the ECS task families and list out any that have a non-null 'privileged' flag. It will list the specific task family and container definition that has this flag set.

Useful for identifying where you have privileged (root-level) containers running.

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