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JS, GraphQL & React

Jayden Seric jaydenseric

JS, GraphQL & React
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jaydenseric / index.mjs
Created May 3, 2021
How to get the `__dirname` in a Node.js ESM module.
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import { fileURLToPath } from 'url';
const __dirname = fileURLToPath(new URL('./', import.meta.url));
jaydenseric / clearLocationHash.mjs
Last active Aug 13, 2020
A JavaScript function to clear the browser location hash (if present), without leaving a `#` on the end of the URL, affecting page scroll, or causing the page to reload, whilst allowing `hashchange` events to work.
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* Clears the window location hash (if present), without leaving a `#` on the
* end of the URL, affecting page scroll, or causing the page to reload, whilst
* allowing `hashchange` events to work. Only usable in a browser environment.
* Note: It’s debatable if a `hashchange` event should be fired when the old
* URL has an empty `#` on the end, since `window.location.hash` will be the
* same before and after; an empty string. This should be ok though as a native
* link with `href="#"` triggers `hashchange` when the old URL has no hash.
* @see [GitHub gist](
jaydenseric /
Created Dec 29, 2019
How to use a Zeit Now subdomain with a Heroku deployment.

How to use a Zeit Now subdomain with a Heroku deployment

In the following steps replace:

  • subdomain with your desired subdomain.
  • with your domain.
  • with your Heroku DNS target (see step 1).
  1. In the Heroku deployment settings, under domains, click “Add domain”. Enter to receive the Heroku DNS target.
  2. In the Heroku deployment settings, under SSL certificates, ensure a certificate is automatically managed. If you don’t do this, attempting to visit in a browser will fail with an SSL error.
jaydenseric / DeferredQuery.jsx
Created Jul 2, 2019
A <DeferredQuery> react component that loads a react-apollo <Query> on demand.
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import React from 'react'
import { Query } from 'react-apollo'
export const DeferredQuery = ({ children, ...props }) => {
const [skip, setSkip] = React.useState(true)
const load = () => setSkip(false)
return (
<Query skip={skip} {...props}>
{args => children({ ...args, load })}
jaydenseric /
Last active Jul 7, 2019
A guide to cache related graphql-react options.

graphql-react options guide

This is a guide to the cache related options for the useGraphQL React hook. The reloadOnLoad and resetOnLoad options also apply to the GraphQL instance method operate.


The defaults are suitable for typical query use, as apps tend to have more queries than mutations.

loadOnMount loadOnReload loadOnReset reloadOnLoad resetOnLoad
jaydenseric / RouteIndicator.mjs
Last active Apr 7, 2021
A route change indicator for Next.js using React hooks.
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import Router from 'next/router'
import React from 'react'
const DONE_DURATION = 250
export const RouteIndicator = () => {
const [loading, setLoading] = React.useState(null)
const [timeoutId, setTimeoutId] = React.useState(null)
const onLoad = () => setLoading(true)
jaydenseric / useIsMounted.mjs
Created Feb 21, 2019
A React hook that tells if the component is mounted.
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import React from 'react'
export const useIsMounted = () => {
const ref = React.useRef(false)
const [, setIsMounted] = React.useState(false)
React.useEffect(() => {
ref.current = true
return () => (ref.current = false)
}, [])

event-stream compromise

In October 2018 I investigated why nodemon was emitting a strange deprecation warning, leading to the eventual discovery of the now infamous event-stream npm package compromise. This post shares a unique perspective of the events that unfolded, along with downloadable forensic evidence that has since been purged from the npm registry.

For context, see:

jaydenseric /
Last active May 3, 2020
Setup FastMail in Zeit Now via now-cli.
jaydenseric /
Created Jan 9, 2018
“Responsive iframes without wrappers did you say?” blog post:

Responsive iframes without wrappers did you say?

⚠️ This article is outdated: Don’t use jQuery. Also, this JS technique does not work well when server side rendering.

Responsive images are pretty intuitive; apply max-width: 100% and voila. But what to do about those pesky iframes (video embeds!) whose height does not remain in ratio to width when responding down? The most common technique you will come across dates back years and involves wrappers styled to preserve a hard-coded intrinsic aspect ratio (typically 16:9). Most of the popular scripts such as fitvids.js utilize this technique.

This approach sucks for few reasons:

  1. Wrappers may not play nice with your current setup. Perhaps your videos are added, sized and positioned via a CMS WYSIWYG.
  2. Is ~75 lines of jQuery really necessary?