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#Pariah on SpotChat's Gist Wall
Speak Freely!

cseder commented Apr 9, 2015

I'm leaving you a message.
Do your work, not your dirty-work with your hands ... you know what I mean.


jayeemsuh commented Apr 11, 2015

good point!

do you allow hippies? i dont like em, they are evil, pls let me in

its the smell


jayeemsuh commented Apr 19, 2015

New referral program. Bring a friend and receive a ham and cheese sandwich. No drinks. Don't get greedy.

i was hoping for something else, like that thing you squeeze out of a ducks innards, sounds french like , and now a word from our sponsors offical channel mascot dont you know


jayeemsuh commented Apr 28, 2015

looks like Peruvian blood

yes, kinda of does, and fresh too, where is Panda?

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