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The Snakes and Ladders Jugalbandi from Functional Conf 2015, in APL
config30(3 5 11 20 17 19 21 27)(22 8 26 29 4 7 9 1)
turn{s f t n+{'throw ',}?6 n>s: (fn)t,n}
{}{config turn }{=30}1
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ujjwalt commented Sep 20, 2015

Holy shit!
Damn I missed your talk. Please link to the slides.

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mukundmr commented Sep 22, 2015

gives me an invalid token when I try to run it online using the website.

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shukla2009 commented Sep 22, 2015

⎕ is this quad ? or squad ?

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jayfoad commented Oct 12, 2015

@mukundmr, @shukla2009: ⎕ is quad, and I'm using it to print some output as the game progresses. Unfortunately does not support this sort of input/output. Sorry! I'll think about a better way of writing it.

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jayfoad commented Oct 16, 2015

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