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@jayjonas1996 jayjonas1996/note.dart

Last active May 3, 2019
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Note class
class Note {
int id;
String title;
String content;
DateTime date_created;
DateTime date_last_edited;
Color note_color;
int is_archived = 0;
Note(, this.title, this.content, this.date_created, this.date_last_edited,this.note_color);
Map<String, dynamic> toMap(bool forUpdate) {
var data = {
// 'id': id, since id is auto incremented in the database we don't need to send it to the insert query.
'title': utf8.encode(title),
'content': utf8.encode( content ),
'date_created': epochFromDate( date_created ),
'date_last_edited': epochFromDate( date_last_edited ),
'note_color': note_color.value,
'is_archived': is_archived // for later use for integrating archiving
if(forUpdate){ data["id"] =; }
return data;
// Converting the date time object into int representing seconds passed after midnight 1st Jan, 1970 UTC
int epochFromDate(DateTime dt) { return dt.millisecondsSinceEpoch ~/ 1000; }
void archiveThisNote(){ is_archived = 1; }
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