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Last active January 18, 2021 17:51
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Rails Website Launch Checklist

Ruby on Rails Website Launch Checklist

Copy this gist and customise it to your liking.

  • Run Brakeman and resolve any issues where required
  • Run rails best practices and resolve any warnings
  • Run full test suite and make sure all tests are passing
  • Make sure no dummy email addresses are left in any notification emails (eg contact form)
  • Make sure production assets compile correct (eg files in vendor, etc, compile and are not 404'ing in production environment)
  • If using unicorn in production, make sure deploys are restarting the unicorns
  • If using passenger in production, make sure deploys are restarting web servers and passenger
  • Make sure environment variables are setup correctly
  • Google Analytics Added
  • Exception Notification (gem or error tracking service)
  • Outbound Mail Provider Setup and working in production (eg SendGrid, Mandrill)
  • Check Rendering of Website in All Major Browsers (up to 2 versions back)
  • Check for correct page title rendering (eg title element in head)
  • Check for correct meta tags
  • Check for allowed crawling of the site through robots.txt
  • Favicon added?
  • Run rake notes and check for any actionable items
  • Make sure that the user of the Locale functionality is in place instead of hardcoded strings
  • Only Use Environment Variables instead of hard coded strings (these should not be in version control)
  • Correct timezone implemented?
  • Implemented a log tracker? Eg log entries
  • Run through Google Webmaster Tools, eg broken link checker
  • redirect www to non-www or vice versa
  • error, not found, etc pages
  • sitemap.xml file
  • database backups (preferable to be off-server, eg S3)
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