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Last active November 6, 2018 07:22
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from InstagramAPI import InstagramAPI
import time
def ask_for_info():
Ask the user running this script for certain info we need.
Returns a dictionary with the answers.
username = input('What\'s your Instagram Username? ')
password = input('What\'s your Instagram Password? ')
num_to_follow = input('How many people should we follow per day? ')
tags_to_use = [input('What tag should I use? (No #) ')]
while True:
more = input('Any more? (Leave blank for no) ')
if more == '':
# This does not validate the username or password, so make sure you enter in the right one!
return {
'username': username,
'password': password,
'num_to_follow': int(num_to_follow),
'tags_to_use': tags_to_use
def login(username, password):
api = InstagramAPI(username, password) # Instantiate the class
api.login() # Send a login request
return api
def find_targets(api, tag):
Search for users who have posted a picture with tag, and return a list of user IDs.
ok = api.tagFeed(tag) # Automatically prints an error
if not ok:
raise Exception # Error the script
resp = api.LastJson
images = resp['items']
users = []
for image in images:
# We use .get so we can filter out invalid data.
# Invalid data is rare, but in this case we are prepared
# pk is ID
image.get('user', {}).get('pk', '')
# a list of users from the list of users which id isn't an empty string
return [u for u in users if u != '']
def follow_all(api, targets, time_to_wait):
Follow all targets, while waiting time_to_wait in seconds
total_targets = len(targets)
num = 0
for t in targets:
ok = api.follow(t)
if not ok:
print('Error while trying to follow ID: %s', t)
num += 1
print('Followed %d/%d' % (num, total_targets))
if __name__ == '__main__':
answers = ask_for_info()
username = answers['username']
password = answers['password']
num_to_follow = answers['num_to_follow']
tags_to_use = answers['tags_to_use']
api = login(username, password)
targets = []
for tag in tags_to_use:
targets += find_targets(api, tag)
print('%d Targets Acquired!' % len(targets))
secs_in_a_day = 86400
time_to_wait = secs_in_a_day / num_to_follow
follow_all(api, targets, time_to_wait)
print('All Done!')
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