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# tricks so that ctrl-s works in vim
alias vim="stty stop '' -ixoff ; vim"
# `Frozing' tty, so after any command terminal settings will be restored
ttyctl -f
# bash
# No ttyctl, so we need to save and then restore terminal settings
local STTYOPTS="$(stty --save)"
jaysw /
Created September 1, 2012 09:02
python virtualenvwrapper and SublimeCodeIntel plugin for Sublime Text integration
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# file: ~/.virtualenvs/postmkvirtualenv
# This hook is run after a new virtualenv is activated.
# setup python interpretor and sitepackages
# for Sublime Text's SublimeCodeIntel plugin.
# codeintel looks in the root of any folder opened via `subl foldername`
# for foldername/.codeintel/config
# it also looks in ~/.codeintel/config