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Installing ZFS on Linux on Oracle Linux 7

We're going to add ZFS support to our Oracle Linux installation. We'll just add the ZFS on Linux Repo, verify the binary signature from GitHub, install the files, ensure the driver loads properly, and verify that it's functional. We'll save things like array creation for another document.

This is mostly a transcription of the process from the CentOS/RHEL ZoL installation manual.

Install the repo file

Add the ZFSonLinux repo and verify the fingerprint.

Note — manual fingerprint verification is atypical but we'll do it anyway just for kicks.


The HTML5 Amount of Awesomeness

Rainbox Vomit

A collection of freaking awesome HTML5 demos (work in progress).


#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Use Asana's "export project to JSON" function and copy-paste contents to an "X.json" file."""
import codecs
import csv
import json
import pprint
import re