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Function to escape single and double quotes in XPath queries using PHP
function xpathEscape($query, $default_delim = '"')
if (strpos($query, $default_delim) === false)
return $default_delim . $query . $default_delim;
preg_match_all("#(?:('+)|[^']+)#", $query, $matches);
list($parts, $apos) = $matches;
foreach ($parts as $i => &$part) {
$delim = $apos[$i] ? '"' : "'";
$part = $delim . $part . $delim;
// concat() must have two or more parts
if (count($parts) == 1)
$parts[] = $delim . $delim;
return 'concat(' . implode(',', $parts) . ')';

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thomasbachem commented Mar 3, 2013

I wrote a more efficient version:


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whatthejeff commented Apr 9, 2013

@thomasbachem, I don't think your version is necessarily more efficient. Implementing string searching in userland is typically less efficient. A more efficient alternative would be something along the lines of:

function xpathEscape($string)
    if (strpos($string, "'") === false) {
        return sprintf("'%s'", $string);

    if (strpos($string, '"') === false) {
        return sprintf('"%s"', $string);

    return sprintf(
      "concat('%s')", str_replace("'", "',\"'\",'", $string)
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