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getLastInsertId workaround for Oracle
class QActiveRecord extends CActiveRecord {
public function afterSave(){
if(Yii::app()->db->driverName == 'oci'){
try {
$sql = "select {$this->sequenceName}.currval from dual";
$result = $connection->createCommand($sql)->queryRow();
$this->ID = $result['CURRVAL'];
} catch (Exception $e) {
echo("Error: $e\n");
} else {
// not implemented yet, doubt this will work
return parent::getLastInsertId();

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@psbauman psbauman commented Oct 31, 2013

Not so sure about this solution. What happens if a transaction slips in between the SELECT SEQ.NEXTVAL and this select CURRVAL? Then you'll have the wrong ID.


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@jazahn jazahn commented Jan 23, 2014

yes, this needs to be wrapped in a transaction

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