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Install CentOS 8.2 on IBM x3650 M3

  1. prepare 2 USB sticks
  • first with Centos 8.2 minimal
  • second with correct version of dd-megaraid_sas driver from
  • the USB stick for the megaraid driver should have the lable OEMDRV, other while the drive is not recognize
  1. plug both USB sticks on server and boot
  2. go with F12 in boot menu and select USB device
  3. go truth the steps from CentOS install process
  • (if the driver stick is correct prepared, CentOS will automatically load it)
  1. after installation is done, and system is rebooted, install kernel-plus:
# yum install yum-utils
# yum-config-manager --enable centosplus
  • edit /etc/sysconfig/kernel and change DEFAULTKERNEL to: kernel-plus
  • install kernel-plus: yum install kernel-plus
  • remove and install kernel tools:
# yum erase kernel-tools kernel-tools-libs
# yum install kernel-plus-tools kernel-plus-tools-libs
  • uninstall old kernel: # yum erase kernel
  1. reboot
  2. done...


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