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Jonathan Barber jbarber

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jbarber / pagerduty_incidents.rb
Created Sep 24, 2019
Extract all the PagerDuty incidents for analysis
View pagerduty_incidents.rb
require 'httparty'
require 'uri'
require 'csv'
def get_incidents
limit = 100
url = "{limit}&offset="
incidents = []
offset = 0
jbarber / calendar_events.rb
Last active Sep 24, 2019
List events in google calendar
View calendar_events.rb
# gem install google-api-client
require "google/apis/calendar_v3"
require "googleauth"
require "googleauth/stores/file_token_store"
require "date"
require "fileutils"
OOB_URI = "urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob".freeze
APPLICATION_NAME = "Google Calendar API Ruby Quickstart".freeze
View find_pii_objects.rb
def log_object(job_id, step_id, bucket, key)
puts ['found', job_id, step_id, bucket, key].join(',')
def log_missing(job_id, object_id, msg)
puts ['missing', job_id, object_id, msg].join(',')
# Finding the offending RfTests
rf_test_ids = RfTest.where(client_id: 5627)
jbarber / get_repos.rb
Last active Jul 5, 2018
Github GraphQL query for repos, their topics, and Gemfile
View get_repos.rb
require 'httparty'
require 'json'
require 'byebug'
def get_data
query ='repos.graphql', 'r').read
token = ''
cursor = nil
repos = []
org = 'evil_mega_corp'
jbarber /
Last active Mar 27, 2018
Prototypical Ruby event machine based webserver for serving context over unix domain sockets
$ echo '{"foo": "bar"}' | curl --unix-socket /tmp/ -d @-
{"message":"{\"foo\": \"bar\"}"}
$ curl --unix-socket /tmp/
jbarber / server.rb
Created Mar 27, 2018
Prototypical Ruby event machine based webserver for serving context over unix domain sockets
View server.rb
$ echo '{"foo": "bar"}' | curl --unix-socket /tmp/ -d @-
{"message":"{\"foo\": \"bar\"}"}
$ curl --unix-socket /tmp/
jbarber /
Last active Apr 24, 2017
Creating a CSR and sign it with OpenSSL
# Create a new CSR + key
# If you want a more complicated subject, '/' seperate the fields
openssl req -nodes -keyout "$HOST.key" -out "$HOST.csr" -new -subj "/CN=$HOST"
# Create a new CSR + key with SAN
echo -e "[SAN]\nsubjectAltName=DNS:$HOST,DNS:${HOST/foo/bar}\n" | \
cat /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf - | \
openssl req -nodes -keyout "$HOST.key" -out "$HOST.csr" -new -subj "/CN=$HOST" -reqexts SAN -config /dev/stdin
jbarber / chrome.js
Created Nov 26, 2016
PhantomJS 2.1.1 snippet for getting versions of $LATEST chrome installers
View chrome.js
var page = require('webpage').create();'', function(status) {
console.log("Status: " + status);
if(status === "success") {
var winVer = page.evaluate(function() {
return document.querySelector("#download span[ng-bind='win64Version']").innerHTML;
var macVer = page.evaluate(function() {
return document.querySelector("#download span[ng-bind='macVersion']").innerHTML;
jbarber / selenium.rb
Created Nov 22, 2016
Selenium ruby example
View selenium.rb
require "selenium-webdriver"
profile =
#profile['devtools.errorconsole.enabled'] = false
profile[''] = false
profile['devtools.errorconsole.enabled'] = false
%w[css csserror csslog cssparser error exception info jslog jswarn log netwarn network networkinfo netxhr secerror secwarn serviceworkers sharedworkers warn windowlessworkers].each do |m|
profile["devtools.browserconsole.filter.#{m}"] = false
View gist:1bad455bc40e3779da9d4ce53adf0150
# Sets
ℕ = set of positive integers
ℤ = set of all integers
ℂ = set of all complex numbers
ℝ = set of all real numbers
ℚ = set of all rational numbers
∅ = {}
H = { x | ℕ > 1 } == H is the set of all postive integers greater than 1 (| == 'such that')
x ∈ ℕ == x belongs to ℕ
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