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Last active August 7, 2017 10:12
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protractor coverage support with gulp and istanbul (not tested, this is just extracted from larger files to demonstrate how to get protractor coverage working)
var istanbul = require('istanbul'),
gulp = require('gulp'),
istanbul = require('gulp-istanbul');
gulp.task('js', function() {
return gulp.src('js')
includeUntested: true,
coverageVariable: '__coverage__'
var waitPlugin = require('./waitPlugin');
var istanbul = require('istanbul');
var collector = new istanbul.Collector();
// An example configuration file.
exports.config = {
baseUrl: 'http://localhost:3000/',
capabilities: {
'browserName': 'chrome'
specs: ['e2e/**/*.js'],
framework: 'jasmine2',
plugins: [{path: './waitPlugin.js'}],
onPrepare: function() {
var jasmineEnv = jasmine.getEnv();
jasmineEnv.addReporter(new function() {
this.specDone = function(spec) {
if (spec.status !== 'failed') {
browser.driver.executeScript('return __coverage__;').then(function(coverageResults) {
onComplete: function() {
istanbul.Report.create('cobertura', {dir: 'results/e2e/cobertura'})
.writeReport(collector, true);
istanbul.Report.create('lcov', {dir: 'results/e2e/lcov'})
.writeReport(collector, true);
var q = require('q');
var deferred = q.defer();
exports.resolve = function() {
deferred.resolve.apply(deferred, arguments);
exports.teardown = function() {
return deferred.promise;
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djom202 commented Jun 7, 2016

How does it work?. You run first protractor or gulp?

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