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Ember.Select using Chosen
App.Chosen = Ember.Select.extend({
multiple: false,
width: '95%',
disableSearchThreshold: 10,
searchContains: true,
attributeBindings:['multiple', 'width', 'disableSearchThreshold', 'searchContains'],
didInsertElement: function(){
var options = {
multiple: this.get('multiple'),
width: this.get('width'),
disable_search_threshold: this.get('disableSearchThreshold'),
search_contains: this.get('searchContains')
options.clean_search_text = this.cleanSearchText;
options.calling_context = this;
options.placeholder_text_multiple = this.get('prompt');
} else {
options.placeholder_text_single = this.get('prompt');
// observes for new changes on options to trigger an update on Chosen
return this.addObserver(this.get("optionLabelPath").replace(/^content/, "content.@each"), function() {
return this.rerenderChosen();
_closeChosen: function(){
// trigger escape to close chosen
this.$().next('.chosen-container-active').find('input').trigger({type:'keyup', which:27});
cleanSearchText: function(option, context){
return option.text;
rerenderChosen: function(){
// Don't trigger Chosen update until after DOM elements have finished rendering.'afterRender', this, function(){
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